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Our partner is certified in various professional fields. This interdisciplinary foundation enables us to manage all of your tax and financial concerns.

Early in his accounting career Cory realized that although it was great to help his clients save thousands of dollars in taxes by appropriately applying the tax code to each of his clients' unique situations, he also realized the enoromous need to help his clients properly manage business risks and successfully navigate them towards retirement using the tax dollars saved.  Therefore, Cory continued his education, earning additional certifications, and spent time working with cutting edge accounting and financial planning firms to position himself to best serve his clients.



Cory S. Craddock

Certified Public Accountant, Personal Financial Specialist, and 

Certified Financial PlannerTM Professional


Professional career:

2007 - Present

Founded Cory S. Craddock, CPA/PFS, CFP®


2007 - August 2011

Financial Planner at Cain Watters & Associates, PLLC


2000 to 2006

Tax Manager at Curzon, Cumbey & Kunkel, PLLC



Earned CERTIFIED FINANICAL PLANNER(TM) (CFP®) License and Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) License



Earned Certified Public Accountant License



Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Oklahoma State University-Tulsa with a Finance Degree Through Northeastern State University 

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