Comprehensive Dental Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Services

We have worked with hundreds of dentists over the years and understand the financial dynamics of a dental practice.  Additionally, because comprehensive and independent Dental Chief Financial Officer (CFO) service is the only correct way to provide financial advice, we seek to understand everything about your personal and practice financial circumstances in order to offer the absolute best in financial advice. 


We offer an extensive range of financial services designed to address both personal and professional financial concerns, including but not limited to:


  • Retirement Planning

  • Personal Finances & Lifestyle Planning

  • Personal & Business Goal Setting

  • Cash flow and debt evaluation

  • Personal & Business Insurance review and recommendations

  • Tax planning, including a review of your tax strategies

  • Practice Review

  • Dental Practice Fee Analysis

  • Investment recommendations, including asset allocation strategies

  • Pension plan review and design recommendations

  • Practice transitions

  • Associate / Buy-Out Contracts

  • Estate planning, including review of current documents and advice on estate planning strategies


Most dentists feel overwhelmed with the number of advisors they must coordinate in order to successfully manage their finances. These include (but are not limited to): 


  • Accountants;
  • Investment professionals; 
  • Insurance agents; 
  • Lawyers;
  • Bankers;
  • Dental Practice Consultants; and 
  • Family, Friends, etc.


Without understanding how the intricate pieces of your financial plan all fit together each of these professions may have you headed in different directions.  Because we seek to understand your complete personal and professional financial picture we are in a position to coordinate these professionals and get everyone working in the same directions to help you achieve financial freedom and mitigate risks.


If you have any question if you are receiving the best financial advice, please call us for a free review.



What We Do In More Detail:


We have extensive experience helping dental professionals better understand the numbers that drive their dental practice and give them the guidance and resources to meet and often exceed their financial goals. This involves spending a day with us to go over each of the following areas:


Tax Planning — Waiting until the end of the year to find out what you owe can be devastating from a cash flow perspective. We can plan for and design your tax strategy throughout the year so there are no surprises when the taxes are due.


Reversing the Tax Spiral — Often clients come to us not understanding how their taxes increased in the current year when their collections were flat. We can help you understand how this happens and design strategies to reduce and possibly eliminate this seeming phenomena so you can keep more of what you earn.


Cash Flow Planning — Understanding how purchasing a new piece of equipment will impact your bottom line and understanding the tax implications are essential to understanding your dental practice. We can help you see and understand the implications of each decision.


Identifying Dental Practice Inefficiencies — Although we are not dental practice consultants, we do understand the numbers that drive the practice. Understanding these numbers allows us to diagnose areas of concern and recommend strategies to increase your bottom line.


Pension Planning — Designing and monitoring a tailored fit pension plan to maximize your contributions while controlling the associated costs of maintaining the plan can be a critical component and the foundation of your wealth accumulation. We have extension experience in identifying and assisting with the implementation of the right plan for your practice whether that plan is a SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, 401(K) Plan, Profit Sharing Plan, a Defined Benefit Plan, or a combination of one of these plans.


Practice Transition — Likely one of the most defining moments of your dental career is the decision to sell your dental practice and/or partner with another practitioner. We have experience in the steps and resources to make this transition as successful as possible and how to structure this business agreement to bring about the highest probability for success.


Debt Structuring — This is what we refer to as the "great debt debate". Although there is no right answer for anyone, mathematical and subjective answers typically lead to two completely different answers and results. We will work with you to understand the cash flow and tax implications of your current debt and evaluate and help with the restructuring of your current debt to fit your specific situation. Often times, we can accomplish this using your current banking relationships or you can take advantage of our many banking relationships including Bank of America, Chase Bank, and others.


Insurance Planning — Often referred to as Risk Management, this includes a review of your current insurance coverage as well as potential areas of risk exposure following which a plan will be custom-tailored to your risk tolerance and desired level of self insurance. Your plan includes a comprehensive review of your policies.


Finding a trusted professional with the educational background, knowledge, expertise, genuine concern, and know-how to integrate and implement all the services outlined above can be challenging. If, after making an investment of your time and money for your initial consultation, you don't feel you've received your money's worth, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.


We have earned a high level of trust and establish relationships that extend from business start-up to retirement.  Our clients understand that achieving financial independence through the process of wealth accumulation requires implementing a disciplined and continuously monitored financial plan. We have found that educating our clients about the Dental Chief Financial Officer (CFO) process leads to higher follow through on our recommendations and increases their financial success.



Wealth Management Approach:


We develop strategies and recommend personalized solutions designed to help you accumulate, protect and transfer your wealth. The approach is flexible and accommodates your unique situation.


Understanding Your Financial Objective — We begin with an extensive questionnaire and thorough accumulation of financial data to develop assumptions regarding your situation. Once this information has been assembled we meet for a full day at our offices to go over your complete financial picture and get a better understanding of your long-term goals and objectives.


Developing strategies — Based on your goals and objectives, we analyze and evaluate the financial and personal information you provide so we can match your objectives with sound strategies.


Implementing solutions — Using these strategies, we develop customized solutions tailored to your goals and objectives and will assist in the implementation of our recommendations, where needed.


Providing Timely, Ongoing Service — We regularly review your situation to help ensure your financial objectives are being met.







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